About Dr. Barnes

Optometrist, Eye Doctor, Blue Light, and Dry Eye Specialist in Houston, TX

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About Dr. Barnes


“When you enter our office, our patients say that it is a serene and happy atmosphere,” says Dr. Barnes. Patients leave happy because of the professional staff and the compassionate care at Vision Corner.

Dr. Barnes uses the latest high-tech equipment, including Optos (which removes the need for dilation in most cases) and OCT, which can access patients’ eyes to detect macular degeneration, tumors, detachments, and glaucoma much earlier than traditional eye doctors. “Every day, I’m saving sight,” she says.


If you are looking to enhance your appearance with a set of frames, the Vision Corner has you covered. “We carry exclusive frames for all budgets. We are the exclusive dealer for Chopard in the City of Houston. We also carry Maui Jim ®, Cartier®, Tom Ford ®, Olive Peoples ®, Gucci®, Kirk and Kirk, and Silhouette. We also have Mont Blanc — the new Mont Blanc, not your father’s old Mont Blanc. We continually get comments from our patients that Vision Corner has the best selection of frames in town.


Dr. Barnes is the trusted optometrist to treat many professional athletes, including those playing on professional basketball teams, soccer teams, baseball teams and football teams. She also treats physicians and nurses in the Medical Center.

“We are a medical-based practice,” she explains. “I am a therapeutic Optometric Glaucoma Specialist specializing in full-scope Optometry. I also see pediatric patients, perform contact lens exams and fittings, and see patients of all ages.”

“We are a comprehensive eye care office,” explains Dr. Barnes. “We take our time with our patients, seeing them for 30 minutes versus 10 minutes with commercial chains. It makes a big difference.”

By spending increased time with patients, Dr. Barnes can pinpoint problems with their vision and help them to preserve their sight for years to come. She warns patients of the dangers of blue light, which is emitted from computer screens, televisions and smartphones. Safeguarding against blue light protects against macular degeneration. With different lenses available, blue light damage can be prevented. Blue light also disrupts Circadian rhythms. “Blue light protection is extremely important for those who work with computers,” says Dr. Barnes.

She also helps to solve people’s dry eye problems, which is common for those over the age of 40. When treating dry eyes, it is important to treat the deficiencies in the tear film, which is made up of three layers. “If any of those layers are deficient, you treat the dry eye completely differently. It’s not just treating the symptoms. I like to treat the cause of the problem,” explains Dr. Barnes.

“I see a lot of complicated cases, usually referred to me by a secondary referral doctor,” explains Dr. Barnes, “or by physicians trying to solve a medical issue. Most of the time, we can help them. If not, I will be able to refer them to a person who can.”

Vision Corner is one of the last remaining private optometry practices in Houston and the focus on customer service is apparent from the moment that you walk in the door. She has earned the trust of the community and her patients. She has grown her business from its inception, one satisfied client at a time. She accepts over 320 medical plans, including VSP, EyeMed, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealth Care, and Humana.

For More Information:
Vision Corner
4725 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77027


Family is very important to Dr. Barnes, and her daughters, Caroline Jordan and Kristin Taylor, mean the world to her. She grew up in the military, traveling from base to base. She recently honored her father on the Fourth of July in Washington, D.C., a decorated Korean War veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart, Bronze Medal with V and a Congressional Gold Medal.

When Dr. Sophia Barnes is not busy focusing on her patients, she enjoys playing golf, and attending PGA and LIV golf tournaments. This year she attended the U.S. Open in Boston and the last LIV golf tournament for the year in Miami. She also enjoys English riding, snow skiing and polo.

“Happy holidays to everyone. With God’s blessings.”
— Dr. Sophia W Barnes

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