Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care services offered in Houston, TX

When anyone in your family experiences an eye injury or needs immediate eye care, you can count on Vision Corner, located in Houston, Texas, for the best in emergency eye care. Dedicated optometrist Sophia Barnes, OD, and a skilled team of eye care specialists offer quick appointments, compassionate care, and personalized service. Book your appointment online or call the office to request urgent eye care.

Emergency Eye Care Q & A

What situations call for emergency eye care?

An eye emergency can include any situation in which you feel concerned about your vision, eye health, or both. Many eye emergencies involve trauma or accidents, but problems can also develop in other ways. Some common examples of eye emergencies include:

  • Eye pain 
  • Object stuck in your eye
  • Scratched eye 
  • Chemical exposure 
  • Itching eye
  • Burning eye
  • Severe eye inflammation (red or pink eye)
  • Eye discharge
  • Stye or bump on eye
  • Enlarged pupil
  • Vision change, like blurriness, double vision, or diminished sight
  • Seeing flashes of light or floaters
  • Bulging eye
  • Sudden eye crossing

These symptoms can potentially indicate a variety of problems, ranging from eye infections to eye diseases or systemic health problems. The Vision Corner team can treat all of these eye care emergencies right away.

What should I do when I need emergency eye care?

First, call Vision Corner to speak with a member of the friendly team. The eye care experts have extensive training in emergency eye care, and they always leave space in the office schedule to accommodate urgent needs. 

Explain your situation and symptoms briefly over the phone so the team can prepare for your arrival. Have a loved one drive you to the office. While you're on the way to the Vision Corner office, don't touch or apply any pressure to your injured eye. 

Don't attempt to remove an object from your eye, as this can create additional problems. Close your eye if you can do so comfortably, but don't tape the eye shut because it might push a foreign body or chemicals deeper into your eye. 

What does emergency eye care treatment involve?

Emergency eye care treatment depends upon what caused the eye trauma, infection, disease, or other issue. The Vision Corner team starts with a gentle eye exam. They'll take any necessary actions to stabilize your eye, such as washing out your eye. 

The team may administer certain treatments immediately at the office, such as prescription eye drops or ointments. In some situations, the team may place a protective cover over your eye. You'll typically wear an eye patch as directed until you come back for your follow-up appointment. 


Call the Vision Corner office or click the online scheduling tool for eye emergency care.


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