Eye Exams

Eye Exams

Eye Exams services offered in Houston, TX

Eye exams are necessary to help you achieve your best possible vision, but the health of your eyes also influences your overall well-being. Regular eye exams preserve your vision and promote better health through routine screenings for common eye diseases. At Vision Corner in Houston, Texas, Sophia Barnes, OD, and the optometric team combine the best eye exam technology with personalized care. For a comprehensive eye exam with plenty of time to have all of your questions answered, make an appointment at Vision Corner online or by phone today.

Eye Exams Q & A

What is a comprehensive eye exam?

An eye exam is a series of diagnostic tests and screenings tailored to your eyes. The team tests the clarity of your vision and whether you need to wear corrective lenses. They also check the health of your eyes and your risk of developing certain eye conditions.

Everyone should get regular eye exams, but how often you have one varies based on your age and your health. Young children should have their first eye exam before starting elementary school, and school-aged children need an exam every 1-2 years.

If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, you might need annual eye exams. If you don’t you may only need an eye exam every five years until your forties. 

After age 40, it’s common to need more frequent eye exams. People over 65 should get annual exams to help prevent age-related vision loss.

What can I expect during my eye exam?

The purpose of an eye exam is to test your vision quality and evaluate your eye health. The visual acuity test, which often includes reading a series of letters at varying distances, is what many people think of when it comes to an eye exam.

Your refractive error is determined by the visual acuity test, and the team uses your results to select the right corrective lens prescription for you. The doctor also performs a series of tests to determine how well your eyes work together, such as testing muscle balance, focusing ability, and sensory response. 

Another important element of your eye exam is imaging because it gives the team an inside look at your eye health. With Optos® technology, you don’t need to get your eyes dilated for a full exam. Optical coherence technology (OCT) imaging allows the team to see layers of your retina without invasive procedures.

At Vision Corner, you can expect an eye appointment that’s thorough and not rushed. The team schedules eye exams for at least 30 minutes, while most other offices schedule them for just 15 minutes. You have more time with the doctor to get your questions answered.

Why are comprehensive eye exams important?

If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, regular eye exams ensure that you have the right corrective prescription. But comprehensive eye exams do more than evaluate the clarity of your vision, they also assess the health of your eyes.

Common eye conditions like glaucoma or retinopathy can develop over time but show few warning signs before your vision is compromised. Getting regular comprehensive eye exams means you’re getting screened for diseases that can threaten your vision and your health.

Regular eye exams give you and your family the opportunity to develop a quality relationship with your eye doctor. The Vision Corner team is proud to partner with you for a lifetime of healthy vision.

Get top-quality eye care and the attention you deserve at Vision Corner. Book an eye exam online or call Vision Corner for an appointment today.


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