Blue Light Glasses Expert

Blue Light Glasses Expert

Blue Light Glasses Expert services offered in Houston, TX

Most American adults spend more than six hours a day using digital devices, and teens use their phones for an average of over seven hours daily. All of this screen time comes with significant blue light exposure, however. Specialized lenses can maximize blue light protection, so it’s essential that you see a blue light glasses expert like optometrist Sophia Barnes, OD, at Vision Corner. She can help you choose the ideal blue light blocking glasses to protect your eyes. To learn more, call the practice in Houston, Texas, today or use the online scheduler.

Blue Light Glasses Expert

What is blue light?

Blue light is the part of the light spectrum that has the shortest wavelengths and most powerful energy. It comes from the sun but also appears artificially from digital screens. 

Although digital devices produce far less blue light than the sun, they heighten your blue light exposure because the devices are generally close to your face. Of course, the fact that most Americans use digital devices for hours every day contributes to the problem.

Whenever you spend time in front of a television, gaming console, computer, smartphone, or tablet, you have significant blue light exposure. As little as two hours a day of screen time can lead to eye problems — and most Americans exceed that regularly. 

This blue light exposure could mean long-term harm to your eyes, which is why it's important to work with the blue light glasses experts at Vision Corner if you have significant screen time each day. 

How does blue light hurt my eyes?

Blue light damages your eyes mainly because of its intensity. It's so powerful that it moves through your entire eye, going to the light-sensing cells known as your retina. 

Excessive blue light can cause serious damage to your retinal cells, potentially putting you at risk for macular degeneration or another eye disease. 

People who regularly use digital devices can develop computer vision syndrome, a condition that’s often directly related to blue light exposure. If you have computer vision syndrome, you may experience eyestrain, blurry vision, chronic headaches, frequent dry eyes, and neck strain. 

Blue light can interfere with your normal body clock, disrupting your sleep. Research also shows that blue light exposure could potentially contribute to obesity and chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

How can an expert in blue light glasses help?

At Vision Corner, the experts in blue light glasses technology offer state-of-the-art lenses that block blue light rays. These specially-made lenses filter out the harmful blue light and diminish glare from your device screens. 

Vision Corner offers blue light glasses lenses to fit any frame and many options to fit any budget. With blue light blocking glasses, you can get the comfortable, well-fitting, and stylish glasses you want, but with a significant extra layer of invisible protection built-in. 

Protect your eyes from blue light damage by calling Vision Corner or booking your appointment online today. 


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