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Good vision and healthy eyes play an important role when it comes to your child's development. From reading books to seeing the whiteboard in a classroom, the eyes can promote or hinder one's development. Pediatric eye care helps to diagnose and treat problems with a child's eye through comprehensive eye exams.

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Why pediatric eye care is important

Pediatric eye care is offered at Vision Corner Uptown in Houston and the surrounding area. Frequent evaluations can help to ensure that any eye diseases or vision problems receive the proper treatment as soon as possible.

If your child needs pediatric eye care or has not received an eye exam in a while, then give us a call at (713) 357-6195 today and schedule an appointment.

Regular eye exams are particularly important for children since it helps to ensure that they have healthy eyes and are free from vision problems. Vision-related issues are detrimental during this early stage since they can negatively affect a child's performance in school. There are certain visual skills a child needs in order to learn for healthy development. These include:

  • Great visual acuity at near and far distances
  • Being able to move their eyes accurately
  • Being able to comfortably and accurately coordinate movements with both eyes
  • Solid focus ability when looking at objects

When pediatric eye care starts

Children should go in for their first eye examination by the time they reach six months old. If the child has any eye defects, it should be picked up during this initial evaluation. Children who pass their first eye tests should continue to receive an eye exam again at the age of three. The child will be due for another exam around five to six years of age.

Children need to continue getting eye examinations once every two years until they reach adulthood if they do not require any corrective treatments. Children who are already wearing prescription lenses or eyeglasses should visit an optometrist at least once a year. We may recommend a different schedule of visits depending on the child's vision.

How to determine if a child needs pediatric eye care

Children do not always speak up when something is bothering them, so it is vital that parents learn what the signs and symptoms of some of the most common eye issues are. Dr. Sophia W. Barnes, O.D. will take the time to understand the child's needs. We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere to help the child relax. Signs of vision issues include:

  • A child constantly rubbing their eyes
  • Being abnormally sensitive to light
  • Poor focus
  • Poor visual tracking skills
  • An abnormal movement or alignment of the eyes that continues to occur when the child is older than six months
  • Persistently red eyes
  • Persistently watery eyes
  • A white pupil instead of the typical black color
  • An inability to see objects that are far away
  • Constant squinting (this is one of the clearest signs of a problem with a child's vision)
  • Always wanting to sit close to the TV
  • Problems reading
  • Crossed eyes

Parents who notice any of these symptoms need to call us as soon as possible. Certain eye issues are treatable with early correction. However, many issues will become permanent when left untreated.

What goes on during a pediatric eye care examination

With the examination, we can determine the strength of the patient's vision and any areas of the eyes we may need to focus treatment on. The tests we might use to evaluate an infant's eyes and vision include:

  • Testing the pupils to assess responsiveness to light
  • Fixate and follow testing to determine how well the child tracks objects with their eyes
  • Using cards to analyze the child's visual ability
  • Vision screening with LEA symbols
  • A retinoscopy to examine the back of the child's eye
  • Random dot stereopsis testing to determine how well the child's eyes work together

Common childhood eye disorders

With a variety of possible vision issues and conditions a child can suffer from, it is important to seek professional pediatric eye care early in life. With the proper treatment, we can help direct the development process for healthy vision. We offer treatment for:

  • Lazy eye (amblyopia)
  • Astigmatism – this occurs when the cornea is not perfectly rounded
  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Vision loss due to brain damage
  • Droopy eyes (ptosis)
  • Cataracts
  • Eye inflammation, infections and injuries
  • Eye issues due to concussions and other brain injuries
  • Tumors around or on the eye
  • Farsightedness. This refers to difficulty seeing things up close. The medical term for it is hyperopia
  • Glaucoma
  • Nearsightedness (myopia). This occurs when a person has problems seeing things that are far away
  • Injuries and diseases that affect the retina

Common treatment options for childhood eye disorders

The treatments options for each disorder varies depending on the patient's unique situation. Some issues can be corrected with eyeglasses and contact lenses, others like lazy eye might be corrected with an eye patch, while the most severe issues might require surgical treatment.

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